Green Screen Studio with Infinity Wall

The studio is available for hire for film, video and photography containing both green screen and white wall background.
  • Green Screen Infinity wall

    6m wide and 4.5m high and the floor measures 6m x 3m
  • double cyclorama white wall

    3m in all directions and 4.5m high

Australiana Film Set

There is a country song from every angle. It's the perfect place to stay overnight and compose new music or shoot your next video clip.
  • Old Cabin Homestead

    Filled with Antiques and Collectables.
  • Rustic Country Setting

    Inspiration to write music and record film clips.

Provided Services



Bring your music to life. In the Marymark Media Studio you can create some magic and you can appear anywhwere with the aid of TriCaster technology and our green screen studio!

Promotional Videos

Work with me!

A the heart of our green screen set-up is a TriCaster 8000 which is quoted as the most complete multi-camera video production system on the planet! The addedd bonus is our studio is tucked away in a tranquil rural setting. With our green screen studio you can put yourself in front of any background or shoot your video in our rustic Australiana Studio.


  • Mobile:
    0448 360066
  • Landline:
    07 5484 9194
  • E-Mail:
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