If you only read one novel
in 2017, it should be
'Age of the Alexian'
It's a sign to the times....

Age of the Alexian is a novel written by Mark Piepers that's more than just an adventure story. It follows the premise of what might happen if only we could open unto the pathways to total psychic and spiritual awareness.

Welcome to the world of Alex Newland!

BUT there's a twist: with some interesting and thoroughly challenging characters on the spiritual plane, especially his new found guide Louis Sutton.

Where it's set

'Hamilton Homestead'

Much of the novel is set in the mysterious
'Hamilton homestead' where Alex must learn many lessons and really come to terms with the abilities and gifts he’s uncovered.
Plus there always seem to be more questions than answers and new ways of seeking your life path.
In a world filled with decay and decline,
'Hamilton' is a place with mystical properties that rejuvenate and replenish the soul and so much more....
"This has always been a free man's land and the moment you walk on the hallowed ground, not only is your freedom given you feel it inside.
Yeah that's it Mr Alex, it's a feeling.
Even now I see people becoming slaves to their expectations and false ideals. They might be free on the outside, but they don't feel it on the inside as they try to measure up to what they think others want."

Who's in it.

Alex Newland

Alex Newland is a man who is the reluctant chosen one. Despite dabbling in limited spiritual encounters his life is changed the day he develops complete spiritual and psychic gifts. Now he just has to learn how they all work and how he can best put them to work even though initially he doesn’t really want to

Louis Sutton

The irreverent Mr Sutton is Alex’s spirit guide that is constantly directing and guiding his charge despite often fierce opposition. He has a way of stealing the show with his hilarious entrances. Louis knows to inject humor into almost any situation. While he’s the source of some of Alex’s biggest frustrations, he’s also the stabilising influence that Alex so desperately needs.

"Louis being in one of his more playful moods made a grand entrance a rising out of the ground, smiling warmly and tilting his head slightly as he did most of the time..."

"You are not yet at a level where you will understand that. Be in the moment and when you are it will be clear to you."

If you are not already looking for the answers to fulfill your life, you soon will be.
Not only can this story keep you interested and entertained, it will give you the insight to open up to your new spiritual consciousness.

Not only does he have to deal with powerful mystical and supernatural gifts, there's a twist; his spirit guide Louis Sutton....

"Louis was having a field day. He was in a doctor's uniform with a white a white jacket and stethoscope, carrying a clipboard as he pointed."

Renee Illingworth

Renee is the spiritual custodian of the Hamilton homestead and gives Alex more than he bargained for in his learning quest.

Alkira, Darius and Nemron

These are his spiritual mentors at the Universal University. This is the place where all information, past and present is stored.


Alex’s love interest, though it’s something he’s trying desperately to avoid.

Micheal King.

The ‘king of entertainment and publicity’ who tries to recruit Alex to commercialise his abilities and talents only to discover there’s much more to life than fame and fortune. While Alex and Michael are an odd pairing, surprisingly they become firm and trusted friends.

"Alex kept pulling at what appeared to be nothing, and continued to visualise the drawing out of the void within. Finally he began to see something dark and formless emerge...."

"The Gift of Hamilton is already within you. When the dials on the watch begin to turn backwards, you know it's time to return."

"Don't break the link, just feel the energy. This is extraordinary and had nothing to do with me. Remember you are creating this ecstacy all by yourelves, be aware of the lesson in that. If you can come together with the right energy this is what you can achieve."

"Alex looked down at the speedo,
and instead of a needle, saw a mini Louis indicating how fast they were going."

As we edge closer to the Aquarian Astrological era, Alex is the champion people have been waiting for to lead them to find the pathway to increased harmony and spirituality. The chosen one is already amongst us, only he doesn't know it. Plus with these extraordinary abilities come great responsibility and pressures Alex never expected

"Alex Newland literally stepped into the spotlight."

This is a story that will have you anxious to turn the page to see what happens next; building on some amazing life lessons. You can't help but be moved how we can fulfill our own potential.


Make sure you secure your copy of 'Age of the Alexian' - also available in ebook format.


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