Hangman Film Clip Shoot

Shooting is now complete on a new film clip for country music singer and owner of Rush studios Terry Simpson.

We had great fun on location with the only complaint from Col ('The Hangman") that the there was no alcohol in the 'Whiskey' bottle - just a light iced tea beverage!

But it sure looked the part!

Also thanks to Fred Brophy at the Kilkivan Hotal for his hospitality during the shoot at the pub.

Plus we have to mention 'Bobby' the horse who was very tolerent all the takes, though was becoming a bit 'testy' by the end of the shoot.

While they might say never work with kids or animals, 'Bobby' was a class act.

Speaking of class acts, thanks to Col, who was the perfect casting for the 'Hangman'. 

He grew into the roll more with every take!

In addition, if you look closely at the guitar played by Terry, it's one he built and they have an amazing look and sound.

Be sure to check out his collection when at Rush studios.

Check out our music section soon for the finished product.


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