Aerial Footage

Look in the air it's a bird, it's a plane, No, ........ it's a UAV!

Marymark Media has now added a drone to our camera collection for that shot you just have to have!

Our new Mavic might be small and compact, but it delivers big as a camera platform.

You will get amazing shots with it's precise, 3 axis mechanical gymbal which creates an amazing camera stabilzation system.

The Mavic Pro turns the sky into your creative canvas to add new dimension to your video shoot.

it might be the one shot that gives your video the edge or it could be aerial footage might be all you want.

With features like active tracking, follow me, and point of interest, there is no limit to the creativity aerial footage can offer.

Marymark Media is now a licensed drone operator so you know safety is always a priority.

Ask about how you can utilise our UAVĀ for your next shoot.


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