Broadbeach Country Music Festival

They say there are two types of music - Country and Western!

But sometimes the bush has to come to the beach for some good old fashioned fun.

This is the Broadbeach Country Music Festival.

The Broadbeach Country Music Festival featured some of the big names in Australian Country music.

Headline acts included Troy Casser Daley and Travis Collins.

Marymark Media was there to capture some of the higlights.

Organisers say it’s the perfect perfect mix of board shorts and banjos, surf boards and steel guitars as country music’s finest.

While there weren’t too many board shorts, there were the occasional pair of boots and a few hats thrown in.


Spread over a number of venues, pubs and clubs, in theory it shouldn’t work, however when the sun goes down, the hoedown begins.

Stay tuned to find out more about how you can view.


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