Music Videos

Videos bring music to life.
They advertise and and show off the artist's style or personality and enables the product to be accessible to a much larger audience on TV and online.

“Because music has turned away from being a tangible product, the music video is the only way for an artist to be able to engage with their audience, stamp their artist intent and show their personalities. If anything, the music video is more important than ever as a promotional tool for musicians."
Tyson Koh, producer of ABC TV show "Rage"
Owner of Rush Studios in Gympie recorded 'The Hangman' as a project several years ago and with the upgrade of the recording facilities at Rush he decided to finally release 'The Hangman as a single. It as recorded in the Marymark Media studio, at the Kilkivan Hotel and on location in the surrounding Glastonbury countryside. Thanks to Fred Brophy at the Kilkivan Hotel which was a great rustic setting. The video features Col Davy as the Hangman.
‘Cumberland Gap’ recieved a nomination for a Golden Guitar in Tamworth for best film clip.
It is the second single off the album ‘Down Foggy Mountain’ – the third studio album for the Hillbilly Goats. The band like to stick to their bluegrass roots in both their music and in their video clips. Not only did they feature uniquely crafted instruments, they wanted creat the atmosphere of the early pioneer settlers.
The Marsden Lees wanted a certain look and feel for the film clip for 'Pretty Little Girl'. The video was shot in several venues on the Sunshine Coast to get the live feel for the song. Plus we were in the studio for the final recording sessions. The Marsden Lees wanted to include their fans are in the video, to make them feel part of it as they are participating in the production.


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