What we do

Marymark Media presents the full video package

When you want to market your business, you have to tell the story in one easy to understand video.
Or if you want to promote your music on TV or on the web you need a creative expresion to bring your music to life.


  • Studio
  • Field work (including News)
  • Sound and Lighting


  • Business Promotion
  • Advertorials
  • Inhouse Voice Overs


  • Certified Avid Editor
  • Live Streaming
  • SFX


How much do you charge?

Every project or shoot is factored out on a case by case basis. Contact us for a quote on a location shoot or green screen or white screen studio production.

The Australiana Film set is also available for hire and is open for inspection by appointment.

Feel free to ask about packages involving the studio and outdoor film set hire.

Office Hours: 9am-5pm Weekdays

Extended hire: Call for personalized quote


It doesn't matter if you plan to produce a single person presentation, or a production involving your whole team, Marymark Media Studio can cater for you project.
If you desire a more comprehensive approach to your video production or photographic shoot, equipment for hire to help you achieve your creative vision.
Our studio is equiped with 4 Sony XDCam cameras plus an audience camera for live productions.
We have a full lighting rig that is ready to go at the flick of a switch perfect for video orphotography.
Plus we have a fully functional audio desk for music production and a range of hand held and wireless lapel microphons.
The studio is also equipped with additional production tools such as an autocue, monitoring and TriCaster video switching systems.

Can you collaborate on my project?

Of course! You might have a idea for a program, contact Marymark Media to help bring it to life.
Or if you want to record your own pilot program, the studio can accommodate up to 7 people in a panel environment round our custom built studio desk utilising wireless lapel microphones with an automatic audio and video mixing system, tracking unscripted dialogue perfectly and maintains consistent system gain for up to 16 open mics. It detects the active mics and makes fast, transparent cross-fades.
Don't think about it any longer!

Studio Broadcast Strategy

Marymark Media’s Studio is the perfect environment to execute your communications strategy and create media productions for web and television broadcast. If you want to shoot your own professional video, video blog, or stills photos. Marymark Media’s studio is the cost-effective affordable solution. The studio is available for hire for film, video and photography containing both green screen and white wall background. Our large Digital Green wall offers excellent options for digital projects, plus the 3m white background is available for more traditional applications. The green screen backdrop is 6m wide and 4.5m high and the floor measures 6m x 3m, while the double cyclorama white wall is 3m in all directions.

TriCaster Studio Control

With our upgraded Tricaster Advanced Edition, you can supply your own background, just BYO your panorama photo or virtual set or just leave it up to us. This is one small step for man and a giant leap in video production!
Voice activcated vision switching, chrisp chroma keying, and state of the art automation are just some of the features that will maximise the efficiency of your shoot.
The Tricaster sets the standard in non linear broadcasting. Your video can be shot and recorded live through our TriCaster System or recorded as a mulitcam production and edited later in our Avid media suite or it can be streamed live on the web with the TriCaster System

Post Production

Marymark Media offers more than a creative base for capturing your production professionally and effectively.
We can also turn your raw footage into a powerful visual story with our state-of-the-art edit suites, voice over and isolation booths including an extensive library of stock music and sound effects, custom built and fully loaded computers.
Using our excellent video production facilities and our understanding of the importance of sensitivity, professionalism and effectiveness when delivering a product, we have all of your needs covered throughout the whole journey – including final duplications or broadcast or online delivery!

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