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Pete's cabins build cabins of all shapes and sizes. This 2 bedroom cabin is just one example of how the team can install and finish a cabin home in days after construction in their Widgee factory. It is a welcome edition to the existing homestead on the property. This 2 bedroom cabin home also features a front verandah to take advantage of the spectacular views. Plus there is a single carport on one side and a purpose built shade house.
Roadcraft offers practical Low Risk Defensive Driving Courses for drivers of all ages. These courses introduce drivers to the survival skills which are not part of the licensing system. Theoretical explanations are reinforced by practical exercises carried out on Roadcraft’s purpose-built training circuit. On completion of these courses participants will be armed with the tools to be a much safer and consciously aware driver.
MyFootDr use and market the Orthema system which gives true 3D foot contours scanned by the Orthema digitiser, whilst the foot is held in its most optimal functioning position, makes a far more tolerable and effective orthotic than those made from non-weightbearing plaster casts, simple 2D foot scanners, optical or laser scanners, foam impression boxes and basic force plates which calculate pressure not your actual foot shape.
Parkside Timber are leading the way in the development of hardwood timber bundling. For ease of handling and storage, the new Parkside Timber bundling plant delivers simple easy to use packs of bundled hardwood in similar lengths. Take a look behind the scenes to see what cutting edge technology created in conjunction with OzTac Engineering can achieve; easy to handle and packaged bundles. It's perfect for small decks or even deck repairs when you don't need a large amount of timber.
Learn to fly with the RFC as we teach flying the old fashioned way with a strong emphasis on Pure Flying Skills. Our highly experienced and skilled Instructors are ready to teach you not just how to 'operate' and aeroplane...but how to really 'fly one!' for fun, business or a career. Get the skills that will help you realise your dreams and give yourself the safety edge. The RFC is Certified by the Civil Aviation Authority to undertake a range of flying activities for the industry and the community.
Gold City Towing spencialise in container transport. Their new truck takes the heaviest containers and utilises a hydraulic container ram to make sure your container is moved without damage. They use all Queensland transport regulation tie down techniques and will pick up and deliver your container without fuss and with total back up service. So when you are moving house or just need a container for storage, see Gold City Towing.


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